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Key Management

Lockable Key Cabinets

Now that all your keys are distributed to your staff and visitors, what do you do with the keys when they are returned? Or your spare keys? If your answer to this is your bottom draw or stationary cupboard, then the integrity of your system is at risk. Having records of who has which key is only half the battle, if the keys aren’t in a secure location then how do you know someone hasn’t taken or swapped a key while you weren’t there? An additional benefit of having a key cabinet onsite is having all keys on numbered hooks and tags, the hook and tag numbers can be recorded in programs like Key Manager 7 to provide you with a fast reference to enable quick and easy location of the right key.

Electronic Key Cabinets

If you have multiple sites or your employees are required to change their keys quite regularly, or are required to return them after every shift, then an electronic cabinet could be the answer to your key management headaches. Keys are locked securely inside the cabinet, which can only be opened with correct authorization such as PIN/Card access. The door will unlock, and the user will only be able to remove key/s that they have access to.


The included software gives an administrator total control by allocating or restricting access to keys on a user-by-user, or group-by-group basis. Administrators can generate reports, set a range of customized alarms, and above all, ensure accountability is maintained across all aspects of key management. All of these features are incredibly easy to implement through the included software.

Ease of use

It’s a cost-effective solution that’s scaleable, robust and perfect for administrators and end-users alike. It can be integrated with existing access control systems and existing locks. The cabinet communicates across a computer network meaning even users at remote sites can be granted or denied access from the comfort of your office.

Securing the keys

To ensure that there is no weak link in the chain of security, key bunches are secured using Tamper-Proof Key Rings that prevent inappropriate removal. The individually-serialized key ring secures your keys to a carrier key that fits in a unique key position in the cabinet.